I regularly run Film Photography and Darkroom Printing workshops for small groups from beginner to advanced level in my darkroom in Trim. The small groups allow me to devote ample time with each participant and provide them with a great opportunity to enhance their printing skills. My darkroom consists of quality Kaiser enlargers and I cater for all film formats from 35mm to 4x5 inch.

Full workshop details and prices are outlined below, followed by some images made by past attendees. 

One to one training is also available from €250 per day.

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Intermediate Level Darkroom Printing - 10th August

If you have been practicing for a while in the darkroom and are enjoying making prints on Resin Coated paper but now seek to move up a level, this workshop is for you.  Covering some of the more advanced printing techniques such as Split-Grade Printing and also introducing you to using Fibre Based paper.  I will show you how the procedure of using Fibre Based paper differs from Resin Coated and what extra precautions are required to make archival prints.  This  workshop covers:
  • F-Stop Printing
  • Split-Grade Printing
  • Paper Flashing
  • Selenium Toning for Image Intensification
  • Archival processing procedures relating to proper fixing and washing of Fibre Based papers
  • Print Presentation
Even if you never plan to use Fibre Based paper, the printing techniques used in this workshop will still greatly benefit users of Resin Coated paper.

Venue: Trim, Meath.
Date: 10th August 2024
Time: 10:00 to 18:00
Cost: €135 (maximum of 2 participants)
Prerequisite: Beginner's Darkroom Workshop or similar

Cyanotype & Vandyke Printing - 24th August

An introduction to Cyanotype and Vandyke printing which will cover the following:

  • Mixing the raw chemicals
  • Alternative coating methods
  • Using natural and artificial UV light sources
  • Toning Cyanotypes and Vandykes
  • Information on storing & displaying your prints
  • Using both traditional and digital negatives
  • Information on making your own UV light box
Venue: Trim, Meath.
Date: 24th August 2024
Time: 10:00 to 18:00
Cost: €135 (maximum of 4 participants)
Prerequisite: No previous experience required

Print Toning Workshop - 7th Sept.

Add some colour to your prints.  This workshop covers the toning of black & white prints (Resin Coated & Fibre Based) with Sepia, Selenium, Gold and Polysulfide toners, as well as multiple toning techniques combining these toners to create beautiful dual and multiple tone effects.  You will also learn how these toners improve the archival properties of your prints.

Venue: Trim, Meath.
Date: 7th Septeber 2024
Time: 10:00 to 17:00
Cost: €135 (maximum of 4 participants)
Prerequisite: Beginners or Intermediate Darkroom Workshop or similar

Beginner's Darkroom Workshop - 28th Sept.

This workshop is designed for the beginner and teaches the basics of film development and darkroom printing using various dodging and burning-in techniques. No previous Darkroom experience is required and this workshop would also benefit someone who has not been in the darkroom for a long period but who wishes to get a revision course.

Venue: Trim, Meath.
Available Dates: 28th September 2024
Time: 10:00 to 17:00
Cost: €110 (maximum of 4 participants)
Prerequisite: No prior experience required

Advanced Level Darkroom Printing - 12th Oct.

This workshop covers the less known but extremely effective technique of Negative Masking which is a very efficient and controllable way to dodge and burn images.  Also covered is printing with graded papers and using 2-bath development techniques to control contrast.  This workshop will take your printing to a whole new level. The following topics are covered:
  • Negative Masking
  • Printing with Graded Papers
  • 2-Bath Print Development
  • Waterbath Development
Venue: Trim, Meath.
Date: 12th October 2024
Time: 10:00 to 18:00
Cost: €135 (maximum of 2 participants)
Prerequisite: Intermediate Darkroom Workshop or similar.

Lith Printing - 2nd Nov.

Lith printing is a very creative printing process with results unlike conventional black and white printing in several respects. The prints produced using this technique can often be described as looking more graphic but may also be soft and subtle. Lith prints are colourful even before toning and may contain warm coloured mid and light tones to high contrast cold coloured shadow tones. The process is so unique that no two prints will ever look the same.

Venue: Trim, Meath.
Date: 2nd November 2024
Time: 10:00 to 18:00
Cost: €135 (maximum of 2 participants)
Prerequisite: Intermediate Darkroom Workshop or similar.

Please see images below made by past workshop attendees